Smartphone users keep track of these things, increasing internet speed

It is not necessary that you are using 4G or 3G internet, its speed is too fast In fact, Internet speed is not dependent on your internet network only

Internet speed is not fast enough to use just 4G networks. When buying a phone it is important to know whether the phone you are using will support your network or not. For example, if your SIM is from a 4G LTE network then it is important that the device also supports 4G LTE.

Important role of RAM and Processor

Internet speed depends largely on RAM and processors. Tech Expert considers Core and Giga Hearts as the real power of the processor. The more cores in any processor, the faster the tasking will be. At the same time, Giga Hertz also helps to make the processor fast. This also helps in increasing the internet speed. It is important to note these aspects while buying a smartphone.

These two processors are better

Snapdragon and Media Tech 2 processors are currently used in smartphones around the world. Snapdragon’s processor is considered to be much better than the Media Tech processor. Snapdragon 625 series processors are coming in some devices, if you talk about budget phones. There are many such smartphones in the range of 10 thousand, in which you will get this processor. Snapdragon 430 and 435 are also considered to be good processors.

Many companies have their own processor

Some companies also use their processors. These include the names of the iPhone, Samsung and Huawei. Samsung uses its own Acquinas processor, developed in its own Eye Phone phone. Huawei has its own processor name.

Screen size of the phone is also important

Internet speed also depends on the phone size of the phone. That is, the bigger the screen size of the phone, the better you will be browsing the same. The user should use a good browser like Google Chrome. This increases Internet speed. In addition, it should also check how many tabs your browser can open at one time.

It is also necessary

You should always keep the Google Chrome app cache always deleted. Doing so does slow the speed of the internet. For this, tap the app by going to the phone’s settings. Then click the cache button. Also keep Chrome on always the text search mode. Doing so will not open the image on the search page. It can be turned on in settings. This will increase the internet speed of the phone.

Do not do this

It is often seen that people install third-party apps to increase internet speed. But this type of application reduces the speed of the internet in the phone. With this, users should also keep the downloads clean. During the use of the phone, the more you keep the internal memory empty, the better the performance of the phone.


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