Sim will be linked to aadhar at home, how to link sim to aadhar at home

The government is going to simplify the process of linking the SIM to the aadhar. According to official sources, the process of re-verification of SIM is being simplified. It includes verification of validation and one time password by visiting user’s home. This will make the work of telecom companies easy, according to the Supreme Court directives, every SIM is to be re-verified on aadhar basis.

According to sources, telecom operators have been asked to go to their home and give the option for verification. This will benefit people who are not able to go to the store because of illness or age. Mobile companies have been advised to provide this facility to the user through website and other means that they can request for verification at home. Apart from this, also start the facility of Verification from One Time Password and IVRS.

Re-verification of all numbers

He said, it means that if any mobile number is entered in the database of the aadhar, then OTP can be used for its re-verification. Apart from this, if the user has taken any other number then it will also be re-verification.

The agent will not have complete information

Now, about 500 million mobile numbers are registered in the aadhar database. Re-verification of these will be done through OTP or VRS. In the matter of verifying the agent and giving a new number, the government has instructed the telecom companies that the entire e-KYC detail of any customer should not be seen by agent.


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