See these things in the headphones before purchase, otherwise, the eardrums will get spoiled

Earphones, like smartphones, have also become an important part of every person’s life. With many countries in the world, earphones often get in free with the phone. After it gets spoiled, we buy another earphone from the market. According to different researches conducted around the world, earphones can also cause deafness.

Sound of 85 decibels is safe

According to the Science facts, only 85 decibels or fewer sounds are safe for your ears. If you use earphones, people often ignore it. If you hear a lot of noise from it, listening for a long time can be dangerous. Therefore, while taking the earphone, always keep in mind that its frequency is not too high. According to the foundation, whispering sounds of 30 decibels, while traffic from 75 decibels is made. Traffic noise More people than us cannot bear.

Check Headphone Driver

Headphones or earphones have second-handled cheese drivers. The driver only converts the signal to the headphone and converts it to your corners. If you look in the market, headphones equipped with many types of drivers are present in the market. It also includes dynamic drivers, balanced armature drivers, planar magnetic drivers. They all work on different technologies. Dynamic drivers are often used in headphones. Balanced armor driver is used for earphones. Its size is a little shorter. So also check this too.

Headphones are always better than earphones

According to Tech Expert, if you are taking a device to listen to music, always try to buy headphones, because its sharp sound causes less damage than your earphones to earphones. The headphone’s main delivery compared to the earphones is also slightly distant.


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