Second phase booking for Jio 4G phone starting again

Booking for the second fee for the Jio phone is being started This booking will start after Diwali. A Reliance Retail member Mr. Yogesh Goyal (Narnaul) said that after completing the delivery of nearly 60 lakh phones booked in August, bookings will start in the second phase. They said that this booking of Jio phone will start after Diwali in the first week of October or end of November.

Jio started booking its basic 4G phone on August 24 in the first phase. Which was open to three. About six million live phones were booked in three days. Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani had announced that 4G phone would be effectively free for the users. But to prevent the misuse of Jio Phone scheme, one time full refundable Rs 1500 will be deposited. After using this phone for 36 months, the whole money will be refunded to the customer.

The company later relaxed the refund scheme. Under the new conditions, if the Jio user returns 4G phone after one year then he will get a refund of Rs 500. He has also recharged Rs 1500 during the year. If the customer refunds the phone in the second year, in the 1000 and the third year, the customer will get a refund of 1500 rupees for refunding the customer in 1000 and the third year. Reliance Retail says that Navratri started delivery of Jio Phone in small towns. Its delivery to metro cities started on Saturday. The first phase booking is to complete the delivery till Diwali.

When was the first phase booking starts

The Jio Phone became available for beta testing for selected customers from August 15th. The pre-booking of the phone began on August 24. This phone will be given on the lines of first come first serve. Delivery of this phone from Navratri started. To book a phone, Live is just asking the user’s initial information. It is being figured out how many people are interacted to buy phones. Bookings started on August 24 and lasted for the next three days.

How to register for Jio 4G Phone

Visit Jio’s official website

Here you will see a live smartphone banner on the home page.

Click on keep me post.

This will take you to the page of registration.

You will be registered after entering the name, surname, mobile number and email id details.

If your request has been accepted, then the message will be sent to your phone and email “Thank you for your interest.” We have received your details and our team will contact you shortly.”


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