RBI directives to banks, use softness with elders

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has told the banks that they are soft-headed with the elderly. The RBI said, the branches of the banks should be sensitive towards the needs of the elderly and the people of handicapped, they should work as sensitive. It is wrong to have them wait or return from the brand. In this regard, the RBI is in the process of issuing instructions till the end of this month.

1. Actually, for some time now there are reports that Bank Branches are eliminating seniors and different persons with disabilities from receiving banking facilities.

2. On behalf of the RBI, it was said that banks need to work towards sensitizing the elderly and handicapped people, with the emphasis on promoting digital transactions and using ATMs.

3. According to the RBI, behave well with such people and give clear information so that they do not feel lenient on their own.

Apart from this, complainants in this regard will be advised to pay attention also.



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