Personal loans up to Rs 15 lakh from ATM, how to take loan from ATM

If you want to take a loan for any of your important needs, you can now do this work through an ATM. For this, you will not have to make rounds of the branches, nor will you have to take a headache to deposit many documents. You can take a personal loan up to Rs 15 lakh through an ATM.

At present, you have to make considerable inquiries to take a personal loan. Not only this, the bank also checks your eligibility before giving loans and then lends you a loan. But now such facility has been provided, under which you can take a personal loan in few seconds through ATMs. However, to avail this facility it is necessary that your account is in the bank giving this facility.

These banks are giving this facility

ICICI Bank has got the facility of taking a personal loan of Rs 15 lakh through ATM.

According to the bank, if salaried person has never applied for a personal loan at any time, then he will be able to take a loan through ATM.

Next process

If you are comfortable for this facility of the bank, you can take a personal loan. You do not have to deposit any kind of documents for this.

The bank gives you the option of personal loan at the ATM only after checking your eligibility on the basis of your documents.

Bank will call for this

As soon as you select the loan amount at the ATM. Within a few minutes you will get the phone. Through this, the bank will give you other information including processing fee, tenure and interest.

As soon as you accept all the information and terms and conditions, the loan amount is credited to your account.

Through ATM, you can take a loan for a period of up to 5 years. This loan amount can be taken up to a maximum of Rs 15 lakhs

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