PAN will tell you whether income tax notice will come or not


If you have Permanent Count Number ie PAN, you can find out whether you will get income tax notice or not. Your PAN shows your tax profile. The Central Government also checks your tax profile in minutes with your PAN number whether you are filing income tax returns or not. After this, the government starts investigating how much your income is and you are not doing tax evasion.

Check Income Tax Department on Website
By visiting the Income Tax Department website, you can check whether your return has been processed or not. If you have filed a return and your returns have not been processed, it means that you can send the Income Tax Department notice. You must have a login id and password to access the website. If you do not have an ID, then you have to register yourself on the website.

You can check income tax return records
You can also check if you have any income tax return or not by visiting the website. If you should file income tax returns according to the rules and you have not filed the return and the income is showing pending payments in the tax department, then you can get notice of income tax department why you are not filing income tax return.

Check Income and TDS
You can also go to the Income Tax Department website to see your Form 26As. This form contains the details of how much TDS has been deducted on the amount of your PAN Agent. In this way, you will be guessed how much of your TDS is cut and how much tax you have to pay.

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