The new feature in WhatsApp, now live location will be able to share

Whatsapp launched a new feature. Under this, upgrading the location sharing feature has also been given the option of live location share. Through this feature you will share your location, then the front will know where you have reached. Although this feature has not come in the phone yet, it will be available soon in your phone.

While launching the new feature, Whatsapp said that there are many advantages to launch this feature. First of all you will be able to tell you that you are safe and will reach home soon. Another advantage is that, if you are going somewhere and want to share the journey with someone, then this is an easy and safe way to tell people where you are going. Right from the same time, this real time location will be sent to you. Apart from this, if you are going to meet a friend, then he can see your complete location, where you are after.

How will this feature work?

Whatsapp still offers the location share option. But he will get the location where you are. The most work that comes when you have to go somewhere and do not know the way. In such a situation, Direct can reach the place. But where you are going in the new feature, you will also know where you have reached.

House people will know where you are

The Live Location sharing option gives accurate and real time location. One of its specialty is that if you come out of Whatsapp, then it will continue to work. You can send the location to a member of your location home so that they know how far you are from home.

Do not use it, you can manually stop

This feature is given as a complete option. This feature is only 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours after you choose. Apart from this, you can manually turn off this option.

Launches, updates will come soon

Let us know, this feature has been launched for both Android and iOS software. But its update has not yet reached all users. At the same time, if the option is coming with the location after the attachment option in your phone, then this update has come to your phone.

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