India will buy this fighter plane, America can not afford even the courage

India is preparing to buy the fighter aircraft these days, which the US can not afford to buy nowadays. In fact, it is also counted among some of the world’s most expensive fighter as it is very powerful. America has been praising it too often. Recently, the US President demanded to reduce the price of this aircraft maker.

Which is this fighter plane
This fighter aircraft is the F-18 Super Hornet and it is the US company Boing. This twin engine is fighter jet, which can also carry extra fuel. Its maximum speed is 2 thousand kilometers per hour. This aircraft is capable of carrying Air to Air missiles and Air to the Surface weapon. Also, it is almost impossible to catch it for any radar.
According to media reports, the cost of this aircraft is 500 crores, which can increase on the basis of changes made on the demand of buyer countries.

Donald Trump’s Favourite Fighter
American President Donald Trump recently described it as his favorite fighter. He said that F-18 is not only his favored but it is ‘unmatched’ in itself. Trump said that the US is planning to buy it, but the idea is still going on at its expense. They said, “We want to make a good deal with Boeing.” Although the US Army is already using it. At present, the only Australian Royal Air Force in the world is the super customer of the Hornet.

India also showed interest
According to a Reuters report, India has also shown interest in buying this Boeing aircraft. Apart from this, in the race to supply a single engine of 100 engines, the competition was being seen between Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-16 and Saab AB’s Gripen. But after emphasizing the purchase of the Modi government’s twin (two) engine aircraft, Boeing can now compete with both the companies.

Deal of Rs 97 thousand crore
After the change in the Modi government’s plan, the value of this order can reach $ 15 billion (Rs 97,500 crore). The order is also being considered as important because the government is working towards strengthening the Air Force fleet.

Martin Corp and Saab AB have offered to build aircraft in the country in partnership with local companies under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative. This will help reduce imports dependence.

The government gives instructions to Air Force
In February, the government had asked the Air Force to launch a competitiveness for the Twin Engine Aircraft and to assess the Boeing’s F / A-18 Super Hornet. The Indian Navy has included this jet in the list to buy 57 fighter jets for $ 8 to 9 billion dollars. In the first phase of this deal, the Ministry of Defense may release Request for Information (RFI) soon. Under which, fighter jets should be set up in India.
An official said that Competition Single and Twin Engine Jets will be open for both, but Lockheed and Saab have not said anything about the new conditions.

Lack of Fighter aircraft in the Air Force last 15 years
Explain that the need for new fighter aircraft in India has been felt for the last 15 years. In spite of being acknowledged, only three-fourths of the jets are present with Air Force.

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