IMEI number of mobile tampering will be 3 years in prison, it will feel the penalty

The government has adopted a tough stance on tampering with mobile IMEI numbers. Penalties for this number of 15 digits can be up to three years jail and fines or both of them can be punished. This number is like a proof on mobile theft. The aim of this initiative of the government is to prevent the release of Fake IMEI numbers and help in tracking lost or stolen mobile phones.

This new rule is “The Prevention of Tempering of the Mobile Device Equipment Number”. Under this rule, any person who is using mobile can not change the IMEI number or tamper with software and unique numbers.

What is the IMEI number and how does it change?

IMEI is the unique ID of a mobile handset. Whenever a user calls, his call record tells the caller’s number and his handset’s IMEI number. Mobile number can be changed by changing SIM, but only the person who has technical information through special equipment can change the IMEI number. This unique number of mobile device issues the Global Industry Body GSMA and the Authorized Unit on its behalf.

Why is IMEI necessary?

Whenever a mobile phone is lost, its tracking needs an IMEI number. The Department of Telecom had started the process of making strict rules in June after complaints of tampering with the IMEI number. It was difficult to track the mobile handset for tampering with the IMEI number of police and other security agencies.

In 2009, DoT had strictly

DoT had prevented telecom companies from faxing IMEI numbers on mobile phones in 2009. However, telecom operators are having difficulties in identifying a duplicate IMEI phone. In the mobile phone tracking case, DOT’s Telecom Enforcement Reactions and Monitoring Cell (TERM) found that around 18 thousand handsets were running on the same IMEI number.

DoT changes in Telegraph Act

DoT has included new rules in sections 7 and section 25 of Indian Telegraph Act. Under Section 7, DOT can decide the telecom or telegraph service rules and under section 25, he deals with matters related to the telegraph line, machine and related equipment. It can be up to three years in prison or fines or both.

DoT is bringing a new system under which it can block all the services of any network on theft or lost mobile. These handsets will be lost even if the SIM card changes or IMEI numbers change.


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