Gorilla Glass: Do not Go To Name Ask Number Before Purchase

If you are asked what a good smartphone is a specialty. So you will definitely mention the Gorilla Glass Protection with many things. Smartphone’s screen equipped with Gorilla Glass is considered to be more robust and durable than the normal phone. Do you know that the strength of every phone that is sold in the name of Gorilla Glass is not the same?

So far, many versions have come in the market for Gorilla Glass. Often they are known through the numbers. The ability of each number is different. So take the information about it before taking it. But even after paying even more money, you could not get the protection of that quality as you would like, or as you have been told.

What is gorilla glass
Generally, the general screen of the smartphone is made from the screen, its hardness is not so much that it can remain in its old state even after exposure to some harsh thing. Generally, it is called scratching on screen. The screens made from Gorilla Glass are claimed that the general: After cracking with a harsh thing, there is no harm to the screen prepared from compressed glass in a special way. There is nothing happening to your phone even after falling from the height several times. Actually, the Gorilla Glass is the brand of hard and specially made glass brands. It makes Corning Company There is also a brand dragon travel glass of the same harsh glass. Many other companies make such glass from some other brand name.

How many scratches can the Gorilla Glass
Actually, there is scale measuring hardness across the world. ThisMohsle is called mohs scale of hardness. The substance of this scale which is strong, its number is higher in the scale. The world’s hardest metal is diamond. So Diamond is number 10 on this scale. If you talk about this scale, then the Gorilla Glass can tolerate scratches of 6.5 scales. Which means the hardness of the matter is 6 or 6.5, the Gorilla Glass will be defeated in the first position after colliding or coming in contact. That is why there is no effect of falling knives, coins and many more times.

Mohs scale of hardness scale
1 Talc (Khadiya)
2 Gypsum (Gypsum)
3 Calcite (Calcite)
4 Fluorite (Fluorite)
5 Apatite (Apatite)
6 Orthoclase (Orthoclase)
7 Quartz (Quartz)
8 Topaz (Topaz)
9 Corundum (Corundum)
10 Diamond (Diamond)

5 Glass are in the market
So far, up to 5 numbers have come in the glass market. Every new version has been diluted and vulnerable to the old version. Its first version came in 2008. While its 5th version or number is running in the current round.
Corning Gorilla Glass-2: It was launched in 2012. About 20% was slim compared to the first version. The more diluted glass it works, the better its touch.
Corning Gorilla Glass-3: It came with a new technique Native Damage Resistant. The company claimed that it was 3 times thinner and stronger than the number -2.
Corning Gorilla Glass-4: A new thing scratch resistant add-on compared to Gorilla Glass 3. The company claims that while falling from the height of 1 meter, 80 out of 100 times your phone does not suffer many losses. It was said to be 4x stronger than version 3. This is also thinner than the number-3.
Corning Gorilla Glass-5: Most Latest Gorilla Glass It is also called a succession of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The company claims that this number is four to four times as much as the Damage Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Stronger and Thin.

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