Google’s headphones will be translated into 40 languages

Google has launched its premium wireless headphone to eliminate the differences in language. Through this pixel buds, 40 languages ​​can be translated live. These headphones will be available to people in November and they cost $ 159 or about 10,341 rupees.

Language will be translate before reaching ears

During a Demonstration, the wireless headphones were put in the ears of a person who knew the Swedish language; On the other hand, when the person sitting in front of him talked in English, Earbud had already translated the English into Swedish before reaching it. While speaking in Swedish, the other earbud translates it into English.


How to use it

Along with 40 languages ​​to be translated, Google will send SMS and instructions along with alerts to the Consumer Consumer. The headphone’s translation feature will activate itself with your voice command. You just have to speak your chosen language after ‘Help My Speak’. As you know French, you have to say ‘Help My Speak French’ and thus the device will activate.


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