Galaxy Note 8 left iPhone 8 in sales, 2.5 lakh units sold since launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has sold 2.5 lakh units in a short span of time. Note 8 has left behind iPhone 8 in the case of cell like this.

I-Phone 8 is quite behind the sell
According to dealers, Galaxy Note 8 has left the iPhone 8 much behind in terms of cell. In comparison to the sale of 100 Galaxy phones, only 70-80 phones of the iPhone 8 are being sold.

I-Phone user waits for Apple X

Close competition is going on between Note 8 and iPhone 8. According to the reader, the iPhone user is waiting for the Epil X, the iPhone X may have changed this cinereo, but note 8 is currently doing a lot of good. The rising iPhone and the lack of innovation are preventing consumers from buying iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The price of the iPhone 8 in the market

In the market, the price of iPhone 864 GB is 64,000, while 256 GB variants are sold in 77,000. 64 GB iPhone 8 plus 73,000 and 256 GB variants are available in the market at 86,000. IPhone X is launching on November 3, and 64 GB iPhone X costs 89,000 and 256 GB worth 1.02 lakh.

Samsung’s branding continues in market

Samsung’s strong leadership is continuing in India. According to market research firm GFK, Samsung’s market share has increased by 43% to 46% in August. Samsung’s share in the premium segment is 60 per cent in the country.

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