Forget Rolls Royce after driving Toyota’s most luxury car Century

Artificial Technology and Future Mobility Vehicles will be seen at the Tokyo Motor Show which starts this month. But a car will be visible to everyone. That is Toyota’s Brand New Century. Century is not Toyota’s new car, but this car is 50 years old, but most people do not know about it because it is sold only in Japan. It is a different matter that people are ready to pay more for buying this car.

After seeing this car, you will forget all the Comfortable cars of the world, such as the Audi A8 or Mercedes S Class except the Rolls-Royce and Limousines. The company has installed a 5.0 liter V8 hybrid system in this car, which gives the first class Fuel Efficiency.

A look at exteriors

~Traditional Japanese design has been used throughout the exteriors of the Toyota Century, which includes blackĀ  trim on the grill and rear combinations lamp.

~The grille, lamps, and other things in the front of the creary look normal, along with Modern.

~Dual structures have been used with Crown Pattern in Grill.

~Three projector headlamps and LEDs have also been used in this.

~The horizontal foundation shape of this car makes it special.

Look at the back seat

~Many things have been used in the rear seat, which may be found in some other car. It also has a writing table and reading light.

~Rear seat entertainment system with large display.

~20 speaker premises audio system.

~Use of 100 percent wool, which is highly flexible and soft. This leather is more compact than the interior, which is found in other cars.

~In addition, there is a multi-operated LCD panel in Central Armrest.

~There are air conditioning and audio controls on each seat.

When was the first launch?

The Century was first launched in 1967 and in 50 years it was updated only three times.
At the same time, Rolls Royce updated Phantom in 13 years. Century was sold without making changes to 1997 or 30 years.



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