Easy tricks to find your stolen phone

Smartphones today are an important part of our life style. There are both mobile and Android platforms. In this case, if the smartphone is stolen or lost, then it becomes very tension. Today we are telling you some tricks, with the help of which you can recover your theft or lost mobile. Let’s know about these tricks.

Android Device Manager (Android) or iPhone (iOS)

Google’s Android operating system (OS) remains in-built tracker. It is already installed, that is, you do not need to download the app separately for this. To use it, you have to turn on ADM (which is the default setting) and you will have to give permission to lock or clear your phone. After this you have to sync your phone with a Google Account and connect to the Internet.

Track your phone

~To use the tracker, log in to your Android Device Manager through your desktop and synchronize with a Google Account.
~After this, select your device. The tracker will automatically show the location of your phone.
~You can remove the phone ring, lock or all your data with one click.

What to do if I lose the iPhone?

~Go to Find My iPhone app or iTunes store for iPhone or iPad. You do not need to install it to track your phone.
~If this service is cloud-based, you need a browser (or app on other Apple devices installed) and enter your login data.
~You have to go to iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID. Navigate through the Find My iPhone button and select your device.
~When you start appearing on the phone map, you have a phone ringing option.
~If you’ve lost your phone, activate ‘Lost Mode’ or clear your data.
~One thing to keep in mind is that if you delete the data, Find My iPhone feature will stop working.

Google Map Location History

~You can use Google Maps to track your smartphone.
~Its use will work even if it is disconnected from the internet.
~All you have to do is activate the Location Reporting and Location History on your devices.
~You have to access the Location History feature through a Google Account on the web browser.
~Keep in mind that you select the current time frame.
~If you have a phone locked or disconnected from the internet, then the real time results will not show up.
~If your phone’s battery is over and you have missed your phone then you can find it.


~Every mobile or smartphone has an IMEI number.
~By dialing # 06 # from your phone, you can find the IIMI number of your mobile phone.
~This number should always be noted at some safer place so that in the future if mobile is lost then it can be useful for you.
~You can track your mobile phone with the help of this number.
~To see the IMEI number, take out the handset battery and see the IMEI number from the sticker in the phone panel.

Avast mobile security

~Mobile phones lost can also be tracked with the help of unrealized mobile security.
~This application can be down-loaded for free.
~Not only can you track your mobile, but you can also control it.
~Whenever mobile is lost, you can learn about its location by sending an SMS to your lost mobile phone.

Mobile Chase Location Tracker

~Mobile Chase Location Tracker is also an application that helps track lost or stolen mobile.
~With this help, you also know that there is a second SIM in your handset. This application will not only tell the correct location of the handset through GPS connectivity but will also send the location I also via SMS.

Thief tracker

~The Thief Tracker application proves to be very helpful when your mobile is stolen.
~It will give you complete information about the person who stole the mobile, and using your stolen mobile will also be difficult for thieves and it will not be able to misuse your mobile.
~There is a special feature with it that it will also send you photos by mail and you will be able to find the location of the mobile.

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