Change your bank’s branch online at home, SBI offers

If you have an SBI Savings account and you want to change the branch of the account, now you need to revolve around the bank and fill out a variety of forms. Now you can transfer your SBI Savings account online to another branch. You do not even need to give an extra charge for this. You can change the branch of incoming accounts by visiting For this transfer you will need the old branch code and the new branch code (in which you want to transfer the account). Also your mobile number should also be registered in the bank. Although KYC did not happen and the non-transferable account could not be transferred. Here we are telling you how you can change the branch of your SBI Savings Account in 5 steps.

Step  1. First visit

Now log in to Personal Banking.

There are three versions of the login. Different pages will open when logged in on different versions.

Step 2. Now click on ‘e-Services’.

After that go to ‘Transfer of Savings Account’.

Step 3. Now enter your existing transfer Savings Account number in the new open page.

Enter the code of the branch to transfer the account to.

After entering the code, click ‘Get Branch Name’, then select New Branch.

Enter the name of the branch in the specified space.

Now click submit.

Step 4. You will need to verify account transfer details after submitting.

For this, the existing branch code and code of the new branch will be needed.

Then click Confirm.

After clicking Confirm, an OTP will appear on your registered mobile number.

Step 5. Put the OTP in the new open page in the specified space and click Confirm.

After this, the message to be registered for the transfer of your savings account will be mailed.

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