Chance to buy affordable sedan, Dzire in 3 lakh and Verna in 4 lakh

For some time now, sedan sales have seen an increase in the sales of cars. It seems that people are once again shifting to sedan cars. At the same time, many new customers are choosing sedans as their first car. However, some people have a budget small car but they want to run the sedan car. Looking at this, the needs of the people in the second hand market are being met. Organized second hand players such as car views, TrueView, Drum cars sell certified cars. That is, these cars are sold completely after inspection. You can choose cars according to your city and budget. Here we are talking about the options available to buyers of sedan car segment.

1.Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Maruti Suzuki’s Swift DeJayer is the most popular sedan in the company. However, the company has launched its third generation this year. The new generation’s sales figure increased to more than 1 lakh in just five and a half months. But if you want to run the old generation then it can be bought at a lower price.

Sale Price: 3 lakh to 4.5 lakh rupees
Actual price: 6.4 lakh to 9.3 lakh
Driven Km: 40 thousand km to 65 thousand km

2.Hyundai Verna

Hyundai’s popular sedan car, Varna, was occupied by this segment at one time. The company also launched this new new version of this year. You can buy the old version of this car at a lower cost.

Sale Price: 3.6 lakh to 5 lakh rupees
Actual price: 7.99 lakh to 12.82 lakh
Driven Km: 42 thousand km to 93 thousand km

3.Honda City

Honda city can buy old variants of Popular City at a low price.

Sale Price: 5.25 lakh to 7.75 lakh rupees
Actual price: 8.58 lakh to 13.56 lakh
Driven Km: 23 thousand km to 41 thousand km

4.Honda Amaze

Honda’s Amazon can also be bought at a lower price in the second hand market.

Sale Price: 3.91 lakh to 5.20 lakh rupees
Actual price: 5.50 lakh to 8.35 lakh
Driven Km: 45 thousand km to 60 thousand km

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