A car looks like tank with night vision and bulletproof features

Looking at this car, it seems that it is a sports utility vehicle (SUV), but after the features and specialty knowledge it shows that it is also a tank. If you want a luxury car look and want it to keep you safe from every danger. This car meets both needs. Rezvani Motors has recently introduced Rezvani Tank. This company was started three years ago by Ferris Rezwani, which itself is F-4 fighter jet pilot.

Specification of tank SUV

The Ferris Regency’s latest car is tank SUV and as seen in its picture it is also a strong and monster car. Being a SUV, there is a body-on-frame chassis and it has a 6.4 liter V8 engine. This engine has the capacity to give power more than 500 bhp. This car features features such as On Demand 4×4, Thermal Night Vision Tech and Optional Blastal Armor Protection.

Special doors

This is the Extreme Utility Vehicle. Its doors open separately from each other, i.e. the front door opens in front of the front and back door. Its doors are electrically powered. The ground clearance of this car is also quite high.

Other features

The head-up display system looks at speed, navigation, incoming calls, text messages, fuel level, calendar notifications and speed limit on existing. This tank also has a Standard Night Vision with FLIR display heat signature Serial Night Vision System.


Many types of optional packages can be selected in this car. You can tell the manufacturer by selecting someone in the off-road package, extreme off-road package, blastik package, night vision package, leather package, to package etc. in your tank SUV. This SUV is made on order and its starting price is 1.78 million dollars (about 1.15 million rupees).

Its Blastik Arm Package includes Kevlar Arm, Bullet Proof Glass, Military Grade Run Flat Tires and Kevlar Protection Fuel Tank, FloraPan and Radiator.



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