Buy expensive phones on zero down payment without interest

If you want to buy Apple or Samsung’s expensive phones on Diwali, but you do not have money, then some companies have come with zero down payment for yourself. Under this you can buy expensive mobile like Apple Samsung on zero down payment. You will not have to pay interest as well. Many companies have come up with offers like this for you. It includes companies like Bajaj Finserv, Home Credited and Capital First.

These companies have come with the offer of zero down payment on items like expensive mobile, domestic electronic items on the occasion of Diwali. If you also make a purchase during this FETISH Season, you will have to pay an interest free EMI along with zero down payment.

How to get loan

If you want to get a loan, you have both online and off-line options. On-line options are available on e-commerce platforms and e-companies’ websites, while going to the mobile store to receive off-line offers.

Flipkart made tie-up from Bajaj Finance

Many e-commerce companies, including mobile store chains and manufacturing companies, are offering these offers together. E-commerce companies Amazon, Tata Quoll and Flipkart have presented such offers now a days. To make people expensive mobile providers, Snapdeal, the country’s largest e-commerce company, has tie-up with BABAZ Finance.

Under this, offer free interest on zero down payment. You can also get similar offers from Amazon, eBay and Snapdeal. If you want to get this product with zero down payment, you will have to select the product by going to the website of these e-commerce companies and with this you will get the product.

Samsung offers a direct offer

Samsung also came with offer of zero down payment and free interest. The company has typed it with Bajaj Finance for this. You can take this offer from the Samsung India website. However, Samsung has typed it with nearly 1 dozen banks, such as HDFC, Axis, SBI, ICICI, to give an email to EMI. At present, there is no cost emi offer with Bajaj Finance.

Direct contact to companies

You can contact these companies directly. For this you have to go to the websites of these companies. For example, if you want to book a mobile from Bajaj Finance, go to the company’s website, you can click on the Consumer Durable Loan option and, according to your mind, you can make mobile finance at a maximum of 24 months of EMI.



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