BJP is going to celebrate ‘Anti Black Money Day’ on 8 November with benefits of demonetization

Up to 8 November, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will run a campaign to give information about the benefits of the demonetization nationwide. The party will celebrate this day as ‘Anti Black Money Day‘. For this, big party leaders will visit the country. Giving this information, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in a press conference held here. He said that the country has got many advantages from the demonetization, but the opposition is not ready to see it.

Rules to prevent Black Money

Government has taken several other steps to prevent black money. Several laws have also been improved for this. Not only the country but many governments of foreign countries have made several contracts related to black money. It is now getting financial information on real time.

‘Black day’ of Opposition on demonetization

Earlier, the opposition parties have announced plans to oppose the demonetization. The 18 parties of the Opposition including the Congress will go to the streets all over the country in protest of the NDA government’s economic policies. According to the opposition parties, it has been proved that the ban was a wrong decision which has caused a severe crisis of jobs in the country by demolishing the economy.


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