An opportunity to buy a certified Bullet from the company at the cheap rate

Buying an inexpensive bullet will no longer be a work of sadness. Considering the resale value of the bullet and the growing demand, the company has come forward itself. Now you do not have to go to a mechanic or website to buy secondhand bullets. You can buy a certified motorcycle from the company, at the cheap rate too. The company has started the Vintage Store. From where people can take second-hand bullets. The trial will be taken first, if successful, the company will open such vintage stores across the country.

This will be the first time a company will open such a store for secondhand motorcycles. Many companies do this in the case of cars, but in the case of motorcycles, it is a new initiative.

Will be quality check
With Vintage, we have built a place where memories of this motorcycle and the endless journey will be accumulated from one owner to another owner. He said that the company plans to open such 10 stores across the country. He told that Vintage Store will deal only in Royal Enfield and there will be three lines of business – pre-owned, refurbished and restored the motorcycle.

Testing on 92 scales
In the Restored category, the motorcycle will be repaired and delivered to the original condition. It will be a quality test. Every motorcycle will be tested at 92 scales. The purpose of the company is to trust the customer on whichever motorcycle goes from here. Motor insurance and finance will also be provided here. The company has opened its vintage store in Chennai at the moment. This vintage store is located in Malai Balaji Nagar.

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