Airtel offers iPhone 7 in Rs 7777

Airtel is giving iPhone 7 only on down payment of 7777 rupees and 24 months EMI of 2499 rupees. Indeed, Airtel launched its new digital innovation ‘The Online Store’ on Monday. Under this, the company has introduced a range of premium smartphones with affordable down payments, instant credit verification and financing and monthly plan packages.

Airtel’s online store launches on Monday with Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variants. The company will include all major brands of smartphones in the coming days.

Monthly installment plan included

According to a statement issued by Airtel, the Monthly Installment of the iPhone 7 will be with the High-end Postpaid Plan. It will include 30 GB data, Unlimited Calling (Local, STD, National Roaming) and Airtel Secure Package. Under Airtel Secure, there will be any loss of cover and cyber protection under the phone.

Partnership for online Stores

With the online store, Airtel has partnered with Apple Inc., HDFC Bank, Clyx Capital, Siemens Technologies, Brightestar Telecommunications and the Walken Express for its online store.

21 cities now get service

Airtel’s Online Store Services is currently available for customers in 21 cities across the country. This service will also be available in other cities in the coming days.

Take your favorite device from the Airtel online store in 4 steps

Step-1: First go to and select the device of your choice.

Step-2: Check your eligibility and apply for instant loan.

Step-3: Pay downpayment for the phone.

Step-4: The device will be delivered to your address.

Part of Project Next is the online store

Airtel’s digital innovation program is part of its project Next, an Airtel online store launch. Airtel plans to invest Rs 2000 crores under project next.

What is Airtel’s online store?

Airtel’s online store is an integrated digital platform. The purpose of which is to make it easy for the customer to upgrade the smartphone. There is no burden on the customer at a very high price. That is, the customer can buy expensive phones in less downtime with easy terms. It also makes the customer easy to finance.

Its postpaid plan offer includes data, unlimited calling and device protection package. This is another attractive digital innovation by the company for the customer. This will make it easy to use expensive smartphones for millions of customers.



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