Air Purifier Inverter AC with 5 years warranty and cashback

Air Purifier Inverter AC

The summer season has knocked the country. Gradually, the demand for AC in the market is also gaining momentum. AC companies are bringing their own products with new technology and are making new claims.

At the same time, a few months ago, air pollution in the country had not only increased the tension between the government but also the general public. Even today air pollution is a serious problem. In the meantime, Tata’s company, Voltas, has brought the range of ‘All-Star Inverter AC‘ into the market. The company claims that its inverter AC will not only provide cold-cold air but also serve as air purifiers.

Company uses Unique Technology
Voltas has introduced the All-Star Inverter AC range of 2018. According to the company, this unique ‘Two Stage Steady Cool Compressor’ AC is not the same as the second common inverter AC. This new inverter in Voltas has two stages of the refrigerator. This gives regular coolness and regular saving. The company has launched 120 SKUs in the AC domain this year. These include Inverter AC, Split AC and Window AC.

Feature of purifiers
According to a statement issued by Voltas, the new range of inverter AC can cool up to 55 degrees Celsius and it only makes sounds of 18 decibels. Apart from this, this new AC in Voltas has the facility of air purifiers that means that you will not get cold even clean air. In addition, it has 5D DC Motus Technology.

5 year warranty with cashback
The company has said that its new AC has a five-year warranty. Apart from this, free standard installation facility will be provided by the company. If the customer makes a purchase with a credit or debit card, he will also get 5 percent cash back.

What is the inverter AC?
From Inverter AC we usually understand that it can also run from inverter. While the use of the word inverter in AC simply means that as inverter keeps the supply of electricity continuously, the inverter AC also maintains cooling continuously better. It is such an AC in which there is a better technique for controlling the temperature.

How Does AC Inverter Technology Work?
Inverter technology works as an accelerator in a car. When the compressor needs more power, then it gives it more power. And when compressors require less power, then they give less power as needed. Compressor is always active with this technology, but taking less or more power of the compressor also depends on the temperature of the incoming air and the fixed level in the thermostat. In this way, the speed and power of the compressor is properly maintained.

Japan Developed Technology
This technology was developed in Japan and is being used for air conditioners and refrigerators. This technology is currently available only in split type.

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