Do these 5 work with your new car, get the long-term advantage

It is commonly seen that no one sells his car before 5 years. But for five years, it is important to keep your car as new so that you can enjoy it at least 1.50 lakh km with the Healthy Service. There is no shortcut for car maintenance, for that you have to work. Your car should be taken as an investment. In such a situation, you will get a long-term benefit. One, you will get a better and better car, and the other is a good price for selling it.

1. Keep meditation on the road

Present yourself with your car with easy. You should stay on the speed limit and RPM according to the user manual provided with your car. For petrol engine cars, manufacturers generally recommend limiting the first 1,000 km to 1,200 km to 2,500-2,700 rpm and 80 km/h speed.

In addition, faster acceleration and brakes should be avoided. Of course, you can do both in the emergency. Try it, you should shift gear comfortably. Keep clutch, brake, acceleration, polishing steering.

2.Keep your car’s service

Check your car’s maintenance regularly. You should serve at the time specified by the manufacturers. Also, take care of your routine. The value of your car from Routine Care remains high even after a long time.

3.Keep your car clean

It is very important to keep your car clean. Cleaning should be done both inside and outside the car. Use wax to maintain the paint. Keep washing your car Regularly, this can remove the dust on the car. This can get rid of rust. You clean the car according to your need daily, week or 15 days.

4.Do not use for short distances

You should always pay attention to the Warning Lights along with the Warning Sign and Temperature Gag. If these lights start shining then let the engine cool down by putting the car in the side. If you have to travel a short distance, that is 10 minutes away, do not use the car. Your car does not reach full operating temperature in short distances. A by-product of engine combustion keeps the water and then the temperature is full, the water turns into steam and exits the engine and exits the exhaust pipes or ventilation system. Water remains in its liquid form in a short distance. Due to water and oxygen, the engine parts are rusted.

5.Look at the fuel tank

Whenever your fuel is half, you fill it up. Do not wait for the reserve or low fuel warning indicator. Your fuel pump in dirty tank can be bad. Also, keep checking the air pressure of the tire. This will increase your tire’s life.


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