These 5 sounds are the signals of going to be your car bad

Your car gives you feedback always, but are you listening to you? You start your car and suddenly hears a strange sound and if you do not understand that voice then you become Confucius. These voices come from the car about its performance. These voices do not mean that everything has gone wrong. But this indicates that there is some malfunction in your car.

1.The engine will not start and the sound comes from the engine

What does that mean

-Air filter to be dirty

-Spark plugs to be dirty or dirty

-Gal spark wire

-Problems in ignition

-Fuel filter off

-Gasolin water coming

-Carabra accelerator pump or power circuit in the carburetor

2.Ripping Transmission while Shift Gears

What does that mean

– Needing to Adjust the Clutch

– Closure Bad

– Internal Damage of Transmission i.e. Badness

– Need to Adjust Shift Liquidation

3.Voicing while driving a car (click or cries)

What does that mean

This sound can come from your CV Excel. It comes when the CV axle shaft boot is broken or Greece leaks. Due to not being Greece, the component dries up and the sound of clicking is coming. Your part is not bad here only, you have to fit in Greece and replace the boot. Otherwise, you may have to replace the CV Excel.

4.Sound on the speed of the car’s speed (Kirkir-like voice)

What does that mean

This means that the car’s fan belt is getting defective. The fan belt becomes loose during the time and when you start the car, the fan rubbles with the rubber under the belt and the sound starts to sound like it.

5.The sound coming from the back of the car while breaking

What does that mean

Brake shoes have become completely degraded. Break drum has become crooked.

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