3 hour movie will be downloaded as soon as it is in the flick

It is possible that by the year 2020, you have the internet connection, the speed will be many times more than today’s 4G speed. If it is said that a 3-hour movie will be downloaded at the moment, it will not be wrong. It will be possible from 5G plan.

According to the plan of government, next internet revolution is going to occur in the next two-three years. According to Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha, a Highvel 5G committee was formed, which will work on the 5G mission and target. He has expressed confidence that in 2020 when 5G technology will be applicable in the world in 2020, then India will also be named in the list of those countries.

According to the official statement, by 2020, the government is working to make a plan of Rs 500 crore for Plan 5G. This fund will be used for research and product development for 5G.

How much speed will be in cities and villages

Under the 5G technology, the government will have Internet speed of 10,000 megabytes per second (mbps) in urban areas and 1,000 mbps in rural areas. The government has set its target.


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