17 special security features in 200 rs note, how to identify original 200 rs note

RBI has announced the release of new notes of 200 rupees. These notes will be launched on August 25. Let us know that this will be the first time in the country when the notes worth 200 rupees will be launched. So far the big note between 500 rupees and 1000 rupees was 500, but now will be 200 rupees.

According to the information given on the RBI website, there will be 17 types of security features in this note.

It has been designed in a very special way, so that the blind do not have any problem in identifying it.

A photograph of Sanchi Stupa will also be printed with Mahatma Gandhi behind this note.

The base color light of this note will be yellow.

It is believed that this note will start reaching the hands of people in the first week of September.

Front Features

Front Features

1-200 print-based C-thru register.
2- 200 will be the latest image.
3- 200 values ​​printed in Devanagari.
4- The picture of Mahatma Gandhi in the center of the note.
5- The note ‘RBI’, ‘India’, ‘India’ and ‘200’ are Micro Letters.
6- Security thread has been released with the word ‘India’ and RBI color shift. The color of the thread will be green to blue when cropping the note.
7- The Governor’s signature, the Guarantee Clause and the RBI will be accompanied by the Direct and Promise Clause of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture.
8- The bottom side of the note is with 200 rupees symbol in the right side, whose color will be change color (green to blue).
9- The right side of the note is Ashoka Pillar.
10- Photograph of Mahatma Gandhi and electrotype (200) watermark.
11- On the right and lower side of the upper part of the note, the number will be larger than the smallest.

Features for visually impaired

12-The emerging printing of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture printing, Ashoka Pillar icon, with the micro text of 200 rupees, Mark H is embossed, four angle lines with two circles, both sides on the left and the left bank reserve (Black In color) is written.

The back feature

13- Printing year on the right note.
14- Clean India logo with slogan
15- Language panel.
16- Photo of Sanchi Stupa.
17- 200 written in Devanagari

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